Ceramic Industry Manifesto 2014-2019

On the occasion of the European elections, Cerame-Unie published its Manifesto for the 2014-2019 Parliamentary mandate. To read the Manifesto in French, German, Dutch, Spanish or Italian, please click here

Manufacturing and SME-driven sectors like ceramics are the backbone of the European economy and key drivers of growth and jobs. The recent crisis has underlined the importance of the manufacturing economy and has confirmed that a strong industrial base is of key importance for Europe’s recovery.

EU institutions and national governments should therefore ensure a supportive and predictable policy environment to facilitate the EU’s reindustrialisation. This can only be achieved if industrial competitiveness is prioritised across all policy areas and tangible measures are implemented to achieve the goal of increasing industry’s share of GDP to 20% by 2020.

The European elections present a crucial opportunity to reassess and improve Europe’s regulatory framework. Having seen the effect of EU legislation on the ceramic industry and on European citizens, we offer practical recommendations to policymakers to be carried forward into the next mandate. 

MEPs are welcome to join the European Parliament Ceramics Forum. Find out more on the EPCF website

Our policy recommendations


1. Assess EU climate objectives in light of international negotiations

2. Retain and improve measures on carbon leakage beyond 2020 under the EU ETS

3. Restore the global competitiveness of EU energy prices


4. Integrate the three pillars of sustainability into EU legislation

5. Promote lifecycle thinking when addressing resource efficiency

6. Avoid the duplication of EU legislation and reduce administrative burdens


7. Support access to finance and investments in Research & Innovation


8. Foster market access for European companies in third countries

9. Ensure fair competition at international level

10. Strengthen market surveillance to properly protect and inform consumers