2013 TBE Congress, Moscow

In October 2013 TBE members gathered in Moscow for the annual TBE Congress meetings. Around 100 members participated in technical and social meetings, which resulted in a very successful two-day event. 

The meetings started on Thursday 3 October with our combined masonry and roof tile product group meeting, where experts from national associations and companies had the opportunity to discuss the latest initiatives on standardisation, legislation and other technical issues. Members then took part in the masonry and roof tile product group meetings which were held separately. The working day finished with the meeting of the Executive Committee.

The evening programme took place at the cultural and entertainment complex Kremlin in Izmailovo, where members gathered for a gala dinner accompanied by traditional Russian music and ballet.

The General Assembly was held in the morning of 4 October at the hotel Borodino. After discussing administrative and financial items, the conveners of the TBE working groups reported on the activities undertaken in the last year. The members also had the opportunity to discuss the most important challenges ahead, namely the revision of the carbon leakage list, the finalisation of the Product Category Rules (PCRs) for clay construction materials and the 2014 World Sustainable Building Conference in Barcelona.

The meeting was followed by a series of presentations given by guest speakers: Mr Loschenko, President of the National Association of Construction Industry; Mr Schauff, CEO of the Association of European Businesses in the Russian Federation; Mr Gavrilov, CEO of the Russian Association of manufacturers of ceramic wall materials; Mr Bindenman, Russian architect. The official meetings were closed with the presentation of certificates of sponsorship.

Members staying in Moscow through Friday afternoon and the weekend had the opportunity to attend further social activities and to visit some of Moscow’s beauties, such as the Red Square and the Kremlin.