2012 Near Zero-Energy Buildings workshop

The road to near zero-energy buildings: Best practice cases in the housing sector


This second workshop is included in the programme of the 2012 European Sustainable Energy Week 


Sustainability and energy efficiency are two of the most important aspects of construction, both for new build and retrofits. To realise our vision of healthy, energy-efficient and sustainable buildings that are both attractive and affordable, we need to look at the best examples and discuss how these may be used for future project developments. So in this half-day workshop, participants will discuss how the nearly zero energy building objectives will be implemented in different countries. They will exchange ideas on best practices, from products to architectural projects. We will understand how national initiatives are trying to achieve the EU targets. Last but not least, participants will hear from the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) rapporteur, Mr Claude Turmes, on how the EED may drive the EU energy efficiency policy across the EU. Mr Claude Turmes is a Member of the European Parliament for Luxembourg's Green Party and rapporteur for the Energy Efficiency Directive, COM (2011)370.


This workshop was attended by manufacturers, trade associations representatives, CEN officials, students and architects. 


After MEP Claude Turmes' enlightening and dynamic introduction, eight presentations were made during the workshop, one by Mrs Jessica Johnson, followed by Mr Oliver Loebel, Mr Alexander Lehmdem, Mrs Isabelle Dorgeret, Mr Simon Hay, Mr Benoit Thielemans and Mrs Zsuzsa Tóth. 

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Thank you again to the speakers for a very successful event.

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